Balance Masters
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Balance Masters® For Motorcycles
Designed exclusively for Harley Davidson motorcycle engines, please click on the button below.

Balance Masters Motorcycles

Balance Masters® for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Balance Masters® has introduced the first product available that utilizes active engine balancing technology designed exclusively for Harley Davidson engines. This state-of-the-art system completely eliminates dynamic balancing, replacing it with a system permanently mounted on the engine!

Performance Without Vibrations!

The product mounts in sprocket and belt drive positions, while additional balancers are available for clutch assemblies. The unique system was designed to improve the inherent balance of an already assembled and functional engine or to be incorporated into one being rebuilt. When a motor is being re-built, the balancer can be machined into the flywheel to provide what is to be the ultimate in motorcycle engine balancing. This state-of-the-art system eliminates dynamic balancing completely, replacing it with a system that is permanently mounted on the engine and adjusts as it runs to maintain the engine in as near-perfect balance as possible.

The balancer adjusts for piston ring wear, engine oil, and other factors such as state of tune. A well-balanced engine will experience less internal wear, run more smoothly and, of course, see a gain in horsepower.

Sun-Tech Innovations manufacture Balance Masters® for a wide variety of applications. There are components available for both Big Twins and Sportsters for clutches, sprockets, compensators, and belt drives.